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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jeep Final Side Rendering

Final side rendering, the final presentation is coming soon!


Max Ostap said...

Hey man,

I looked at your work.

Its kinda hard in the beginning because you have to worry about perspective, as well as trying to come up with ideas and do the renderings when you haven't grasped color theory or learned to draw well yet but you are doing good.

Just keep sketching, a lot.

I would recommend getting one of Scott Robertsons perspective DVD's and doing really really tight drawings. Use guides. When you feel you progressed as far as you can at the moment move on to his shading and rendering videos.

Also try to get away from the traditional car proportion.

And don't stress it, enjoy it. You are so young. I didn't know car design existed as a industrial discipline until i was 22.

Mason said...

hey man! thanks so much for commenting!! and i will be working on the things you have mentioned! thanks!

Alex said...

I agree with the previous comments. I think that you could change the proportions of the side view a bit. I would dowsize the wheelarches a bit and move the cabin a little bit forward. Think about whats inside the car- youve got a really long hood, and small cabin which makes me think more of a front engine sports car than an off roady thing.

I would say just keep rocking!